Newt’s cloud-based payment platform is providing

end-to-end solutions for Prepayment transactions.
Newt provides Digital Wallet, POS and Prepaid Products on a white label platform

Our Belief

Fintech opportunities are reshaping the way we pay, interact, conduct commerce, and communicate.

Our Mission

Newt’s smart implementation of products and services empowers end users to solve problems and conduct frictionless transactions with ease.

Our Objective

Newt strives to become a Fintech leader in bill payment, prepaid transfers and digital payment services.

Newt has developed a revolutionary SaaS software, which can provide institutions, merchants, and SMEs with technologies for KYC, AML, mobile wallets, cashless mobile payments, bill payment, digital prepaid products, and other services for transactions on mobile devices, web and at merchant Point of Sales.

Bill Payment Connection in Latin America
Take Payments Anywhere

Take Payments Anywhere, Right From Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

By choosing Newt’s SaaS solutions, users and businesses can take away complex capabilities of transacting in the digital world, making payments, receiving funds, accepting bill payments at point of sales, thus allowing merchants a quick and seamless one-stop shop, for a more secure and efficient provider.



Our Service Area

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Take control of your online
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Better Decisions.
Lower Costs.
Higher Yields

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