Newt Corporation & Everyday People Financial Inc. Launch 39 Kiosk Locations with Newt’s Digital Payment Software

January 11, 2021 – Toronto, Ontario – Newt Corporation (“Newt” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the expansion of its network of self-service Kiosks, with 39 new strategic locations in operation in Mexico City.

Newt has selected a diverse group of locations for its first launch, with 39 new locations, including pharmacies, office supply shops, bakeries, local food markets, and convenience stores. With this initiative, Newt completes tailoring the technology to its new Digital Payment Kiosks, continuing with its ongoing efforts of building a complete ecosystem that will allow consumers to make payments on multiple devices: through mobile apps, POS terminals, online, and now at Newt self-service kiosks.

The Kiosks feature a unique software technology to service customer demands for Contactless Cash & Payment Solutions within a physical Kiosk onsite. Newt’s self-service kiosks target a very particular addressable market – approximately 85% of Mexico’s over 100 million mobile subscribers, who are on prepaid mobile plans – a market estimated at USD $1 Billion per month, who typically top up their phones on a weekly basis.

The Digital Kiosk project is currently in collaboration with Everyday People Financial (“EP”), a credit card provider who operates in Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. This partnership allows Newt and EP to initiate its synergies together for significant growth opportunities as a payment facilitator. The initial implementation of Digital Kiosks will take place in high traffic Latin American stores, followed by a North American implementation in late 2021.

Newt has enabled a “Revenue Sharing Program” (“RSP”) with its B2B clients – a new service that will help them monetize their physical presence, while at the same time attracting new customers seeking to benefit from Newt’s growing inventory of payment services, including mobile top-ups, utility payments, government payments, subscriptions, and payment of highway tolls.

Mexican consumers have high predilection for the use of cash, and in the near future Newt’s self-service kiosks will include a feature to allow local governments and municipalities to collect government fees and municipal payments.

Currently and particularly considering the COVID-19 pandemic, Newt’s retail clients have a strong demand for contactless on-site cash and payment services. Newt’s latest solution, the deployment of physical Digital Kiosks in high traffic locations, is solving those needs.

Newt’s Digital Kiosks will provide contactless payments (non-person to person) in customer locations and will be complemented by “one stop shop” payment services, such as accepting cash for bill payments, purchasing digital gift cards, purchasing recharging services, signing up new customer accounts, and loading credit and prepaid cards.

Sergio Maya Aleman, CEO of Latin America of Newt Corporation, expressed his opinion on this recent development: “The inauguration of the 39 new Kiosk locations is something we are very excited about, as we want to bring payment services closer to consumers at locations they trust and visit most frequently. Our plan is to continue expanding our network all over Mexico City, as well as throughout the rest of the country in 2021.”

About Newt

Newt Corporation is a Canadian company with subsidiaries in USA, Luxembourg & Mexico, that aims to be a fintech leader in SaaS software solutions services, focused on B2B such as institutions and SMEs providing services to employees and the unbanked market. Utilizing its developed SaaS technologies software and integrated partners, Newt can provide institutions, merchants, technology for solving KYC, AML, mobile wallet, cashless mobile payment, bill payment, digital prepaid products, and other services for transactions on mobile devices, web and at merchant point of sales.

Newt’s has enhanced its digital SaaS solutions and further connected to physical kiosks that provides users and businesses to solve complex challenges during current times with contactless connection to the digital world, The kiosks have complete abilities for B2C clients to making payments, receiving funds, accepting bill payments at point of sales, thus allowing merchants a quick and seamless one-stop shop, for a more secure and efficient provider.

Newt’s is quickly becoming a leader throughout North America & Latin America in the digital payment Sector. More and more top enterprises and SMEs are choosing Newt as their single service provider for payment solutions. Newt envisions providing a next generation of technologies in a complete services agreement. The Company’s platform has been designed from the ground up for modern digital transfers with a fully configurable ecosystem that includes open API integration and enhanced value-added services.

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About EP Financial Services

Everyday People Financial Inc. is a Canadian based finance and fintech company that is a combination of an advanced digital lending platform, a software-based payment processor and an international collections agency which creates a leading financial technology (fintech) and banking services platform operating in Canada, USA, Latin America, and UK.

Each subsidiary has a proven track record and is organized to carry-out operations in their own respective countries. The combined entities result in a vertically integrated finance company poised to serve a broad spectrum of large-scale corporate clients as well as underbanked and under-served consumers across the globe.

The individual entities have extensive client bases, to which EP will offer its full suite of financial services. Primary growth will be derived from the addition of digital lending, with minimal client acquisition cost. This strategy provides an opportunity to execute rapid growth. With all the entities, there are four main pillars that specialize in functions like consumer lending, online payment processing, debt collection, credit rebuilding solutions, homeownership facilitation and secured and unsecured credit cards.

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